El Quinto Elemento is the experience of art in the blending of malbecs. It represents the separation of our blend in order to taste the various components in their pure form, which are bottled separately after time spent resting in oak barrels.

Our desire is to express our work not only in words, but also by providing the possibility to taste and understand the differences between the various Malbec wines, thereby illustrating the reason for their inclusion within the blend. Experience their personality, style, cadence and essence separately in a unique way. Together they create a new wine, a unique experience in the harvest of 2011.

Their names are derived from their characteristics and the reasons for which each of the components are selected. The search for the elegance of velvet leads us to the Sedoso. Joining all of the components and providing structure is the Backbone. Consistency and body is delivered by the Robust, while the quest for flowers and the essence of Malbec is brought by the Gen.
Each one is a world and together they form the Vicentin Blend de Malbecs, El Quinto Elemento.